Welcome To Halfbits!



Hey everyone, I've added a new feature that allows you to add your friends on the website and then have all of your friends displayed on your profile.

To add users, navigate to their profile page and click the button on the left hand side.

Have fun, Falcon.


As many of you may know, Mojang are making changes toward allowing username changes. Halfbits will too being allowing username changes in the following days.

Enjoy, Falcon.


Halfbits now supports Minecraft 1.7.6/7/8 using a special build that lets users join regardless of their game version.

There will be some bugs, of course, but we can fix those as they are discovered.

Thanks, Falcon.


Good news, some of you more tech orientated users may have heard about the OpenSSL bug that was found a few days ago. Fortunately, Halfbits wasn't affected by this exploit and therefore there is no need for you to rush to update your passwords.

However, you are advised to do so just in case. I have also taken precautions to ensure such an outbreak can be prevented in the future and therefore I have patched up a few paths I believe could potentially be used to gain access to our servers with malicious intent.

Thanks for choosing Halfbits, Falcon.


Today, I have updated a tonne of the features that were available, the members area is now gone and the profile pages use a new system which is still being worked on as I cannot decide on a design I want to use for the profiles, but something should be ready within a few days.

I have also updated our security after the SSL HeartBleed exploits that were found yesterday by Google.

Thanks, Falcon.